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Strawberry Bed Set by Le Vele
6 Piece Bedding Set

Strawberry Bed Set by Le Vele


This product is made of high quality fabrics composed of fine yarns and produced with superior workmanship and detail.

Flat - Queen size

Machine Washable, Tumble Dry.


Yarns: 100% Cotton 40*40 133*72
Weaving: Satin weaving 205TC
Dyeing: Reactive dyeing for excellent brightness and long lasting colors.
Designs: Rich collections of mostly French designs.
Packaging: Elegant Thick Packaging.
Gift rap: Comes with and beautiful Glossy Gift bag and makes a great gift choice.
Package Content and Sizes:
1 x Bed Sheet: 87" x 99"
1 x Duvet Cover: 80" x 87"
2 x Pillow Cases: 20" x 30"
2 x Pillow Cases with Flange 20" x 30" + 2" Flange
Price: $159.00
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