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Moen, Inc.

MoenStone Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
Model #: 25350V - Ivory

Hot pans, utensils, tomato sauce stains and all the other harsh conditions in a busy kitchen are no match for Moen's line of MoenStone® granite kitchen sinks. MoenStone granite offers superior scratch, chip and heat resistance compared to natural stone sinks. MoenStone granite composite sinks also provide enduring beauty that keeps up with the styling trends of today's kitchens.

MoenStone sinks protect against the rigors of kitchen life such as scratching, cutting and staining. Combining popular colors with a natural texture, MoenStone granite sinks have a look that doesn't have to be nurtured.

These stone sinks offer the utmost in durability with heat resistance to 535° F. A hot pan can go right from the stove to the kitchen sink without burning or marring the surface.

Because the MoenStone color is molded throughout the entire bowl, consumers also never have to worry about rusting or visible marks on their Moen granite composite sink.
MoenStone Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, Model #: 25350V -Ivory


  • 33"L x 22"W sink
  • Ultra durable granite composite material
  • Longwearing granite surface resists scratching, chipping and staining
  • Virtually fade proof solid color throughout
  • Heat resistant up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Optional drop-in or rim free undermount installation
  • Optional knock-out holes provide added flexibility for lotion dispensers and other sink accessories
  • Finish: Black, Ivory, Glacier


More specifications: See the MoenStone Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, Model #: 25350V data sheet for Complete specifications
Price: $560.00
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