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GuinevereTM 6' Soaker Bathtub
Model: ABY974N

The TOTO® GuinevereTM Soaker Bathtub will provide the bather a soothing, relaxing and refreshing repose uniquely different than any other bath-time experience. The cast-acrylic GuinevereTM Soaker Bathtub has smooth lines and a deep bathing well which can be accented with two chrome plated solid brass grab bars.
Guinevere 6' Soaker Bathtub, Model: ABY974N


  • Luxuriously deep bathing well
  • Cast-acrylic construction provides years of durability
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Two chrome plated solid brass grab bars
  • Five years limited warranty
  • 72"L x 38"W x 23"H


Size: 71-1/2"L x 38"W
Depth: Depth: 20"
Warranty: 5 Year LimitedWarranty on Acrylic Tub
Material: Cast Acrylic
More specifications: See the ABY974N data sheet for Complete specifications
Price: $2,666.00
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