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Carrollton Toilet and Traditional SoftClose Seat
Model: CST774S

Vitreous china elongated two piece toilet with 12" UniFit rough-in. Low consumption (6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf) siphon jet flushing action.
Tank cover, fittings, chrome plated trip lever, mounting covers included, less seat.
Carrollton Toilet and Traditional SoftClose Seat  Model: CST774S


  • Classic design, high profile two piece toilet
  • The Carrollton Suite: Matching toilet, lavatories and bidet
  • Skirted styling with concealed trapway for easy cleaning
  • G-Max: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing performance
  • UniFit Rough-in: Easy to install, 10", 12" and 14" rough-in's available.
  • Upgrade with a SoftClose seat or a Washlet.
  • Fast Flush: Wide 3" flush valve is 125% larger than conventional 2" flush valves.
  • Large water surface
  • Five Year Limited Warranty


Water Use: 1.6 Gpf / 6.0 Lpf
Flush System: Gravity Feed (G-Max System)
Min. Water Pressure: 8 psi
Water Surface: 10-3/8" x 8-3/8"
Trap Diameter: 2-1/8"
Rough-in: 12" (10" and 14")
Trap Seal: 2-1/16"
Warranty: Five Year Limited Warranty
Material: Tank & Bowl: Vitreous china
UniFit Rough-in: PVC
More specifications: See the CST774S data sheet for Complete specifications
Price: $399.00
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