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Warm Water Bidet (2 Nozzles)
Model: BB250

Nozzle cleaning system
This system is equipped with a nozzle cleaning lever designed to wash the nozzles while discharging water as it attains the desired temperature.
Two-nozzle system
This system has dedicated nozzles for anal cleaning and bidet cleaning, so that you can enjoy convenient and fresh cleansing.
Backflow prevention device
Designed on the basis of manufacturer's outstanding technical know-how. This feature is patented and registered for the utility model.
Warm Water Bidet (2 Nozzles), Model: BB250


  • Add-on system (Insertion type)
  • Fits with most existing toilet seats
  • 2 nozzles for the best position (for men and women)
  • Water stream pressure control
  • Water temperature control
  • Nozzle cleaning system
  • No electricity required
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-bacterial components
  • Very reliable


Warranty: 1 year
Price: $119.00
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