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The Ultimate BIO Bidet
Model: BB600

Engineered for luxury, BIO BIDET BB-600 is full-featured. With front and rear warm water cleansing, anti-bacterial material and a massage feature with wide clean function, which cycles front and rear streams for unparalleled cleaning. BB-600 allows you to adjust water temperature, water pressure and the position of the gentle aerated stream.
At the touch of a button, cleansing is followed by a mild hands free warm air dryer, adjustable to three setting. It's heated soft close seat provides comfort and relaxation at a temperature you control.
Universal Fit: Fits all Toilet Seats
The Ultimate BIO Bidet, Model: BB600


  • Twin Nozzle
  • Extra protections on electronic parts
  • Quality approved by UL CE TUV
  • Heated Seat
  • Warm Air Dry
  • Built-in Filter
  • Hydraulic Seat and Cover
  • Safety Sensor & Self-Diagnosis
  • Wide Cleaning
  • Massage Cleaning
  • Dual Action Nozzle
  • Gentle Aerated Water Stream


Electric Supply(Voltage): Single phase AC120V 60Hz 600W
Water Supply (Hook-Up): Direct connection to water line. Branching valve & hoses included for easy installation
Water Supply (Pressure): 49-735kPa (0.5-7.5gf/cmª)
Cleansing (Water flow for cleansing): 0.6 to 1.0 I/min
Cleansing (Water flow for bidet): 0.6 to 1.0 I/min
Cleansing (Water tank): 1.6 I
Cleansing(Heater): 500W
Drying (Temperature adjustment): Up to 104°F (40°C)
Drying (Safety device): Thermostat, Fuse against overheating
Seat Heating (Temperature adjustment): Up to 104°F (40°C)
Seat Heating (Heater): 70W
Safety (Thermal shut-off): Fuse against overheating
Safety (Circuit breaker): 15mA with 0.1 second trip
Weight (Elongated): 11.4lbs
Weight (Round front): 11.0lbs
Dimensions (Elongated): 20 1/2"W x 7 1/4" H x 21" L
Dimensions (Round front): 20 1/2" W x 7 1/4" H x 19 3/4" L
Cord length: 4' (1.2m)
Price: $399.00
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